Mercedes Audio 5 systeem bluetooth adapter

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Mercedes Audio 5 systeem bluetooth adapter Bluebird

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Bluebird Bluetooth adapter for the Mercedes group which has a 5 car radio in their original car.


Compatible vehicles: 

Mercedes with audio radio 5

"to activate the auxiliary mode on audio 5"


1 - Turn on the radio 5, with the key in the ignition.

2 - Press the "SOUND SETTINGS" (dp) + "STATION BUTTON 4" keys at the same time.

3 - Normally "AUDIO 5" appears on the screen.

4 - Press "UP arrow" several times until "AUX OFF" is obtained.

5 - Turn the volume until you read "EXT AUX".

6 - Press "STATION BUTTON 3" until "END" is displayed.

7 - Turn off the radio with the "ON" button.

Check carefully if you have a 5 audio car radio in your original vehicle otherwise it will not work.

Druk 2x op cd aux zal verschijnen voor afspeelfunctie

Externe cd-wisselaar kan niet meer worden gebruikt.

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